Guest Post : Hurricane Ivan


Guest Post: Written By M. H Japal

Ivan is a category 4 Hurricane that had devastated Grenada in the year 2004

Hurricane Ivan the destructive one came to take away my land,

he came Tuesday 7th September,

telling me,

I have to surrender,

I said no Jesus is my saviour and I know he’s going to deliver,

I am sure of that because my prayers are always answered.

Monday the news came around,

Television and radio broadcasted it loud

and I knew that day everyone heard.

Some ignored the warning smiling as they go


I know for sure that will get slow

Carrying on as usual without any fear,

While others with concern started to prepare.

G is for God,



That was their statement when they heard the announcements.

Ha,ha,ha some would have laughed

God love his people that will just pass,

Good people we are,

We Grenadians are blessed

But it did not take long before we were in a mess,

Rain started falling,

Wind blowing,

Trees breaking,

Houses flying,

My God look how the neighbors running,

Screaming as they go,

Whoever thought it would have been so.

He attacked us at 12.49am

A category 3,

With winds at 160.

Came with a vengeance to wipe us out completely,

We fought to stay alive even though the battle was not easy,

It seemed as if it will last forever

And begged,

God! Please let it be over.

A mother and her baby we lost

And don’t forget the gentleman’s heart

That collapsed.

When it was all over,

We had a devastated Grenada,

Everyone’s now uniting as one,

For everything we had,

Was gone!

Coping with shattered dreams,

We all sheltered under blue tapolins.

Ivan thought that wasn’t enough,

So he sent ‘Sister Emily’ to finish us off.

July 14th 2005 she came,

Rushing with all her might,

Well this time we were prepared

And took cover so our lives would be spared,

Now after two disasters I can truly say,

God have been good to us regardless of what came our way.

Something for my mother


When I was informed that I was supposed to do something for my mom within ten seconds I’d experienced two conflicting emotions. For the first five I was super excited but by the time the sixth second rolled in I was panicking. It took me two seconds after that ten to actually pull myself together and figure out exactly what I wanted to do – and I found it.

I was going to sing – but then it dawned on me that this would be difficult not because I couldn’t find the perfect song to fit the occasion but because I can’t sing. No seriously I can’t.

A couple years ago I was sitting in church minding my own business when the song leader approached me. “Nicki” he said. “I want you to sing tonight” I was shocked although he said my name I looked around me to see if there was another person named nicki behind me – they wasn’t. I looked at him – no really looked at him and laughed –I mean this dude can’t be serious  but he was. “I can’t sing” I said. “Oh stop it” he said and walked out. The service proceeded and I knew he wasn’t going to call me – I was wrong because he did. I went up adjusted the mic because I was a bit short and started singing. There were ten words on the first line of the song but by the time I sang the fifth word I had already hit fifteen different notes – I guess he didn’t need to be reminded of my un-singing ability because he never called me again and neither did anyone else.

So on a night like this – mother daughter banquet I cannot subject my mother to such horror now can I?

My second choice was much better than the first I was going to play a musical instrument only I wasn’t good at that either – In fact I possessed no musical qualities whatsoever so who was I kidding.

Eventually after thinking not so hard I had my eureka moment – I was going to write. I’m not that of a fantastic writer but what choice do I have I’m all out of options – I can’t sing – I can’t dance – I can’t play a musical instrument.

Anyhow Neil Gaiman made a speech in 2012 – he said- If you cannot do something pretend that you’re someone that can do it and go do that thing and that’s what I did I pretended to be someone that can write and I wrote a few words for you mom – in fact I wrote that piece about you on the 29th of October 2014… yes I remembered the date because I watched you as I wrote it. I was thinking about you then as I have every day of my life. I’ve never shared these words with you before but I guess it’s appropriate for the hour – don’t you think? You don’t have to like it but I hope you do.

Now that I’m about to read I’ll apply Neil’s words again and pretend to be someone of courage so that I can read what I wrote.

I look at my mother as she lay sleeping on the couch,

Too tired to move the seven feet difference from there to her room,

The steady rise and fall of her chest the only indication that she was still in the land of the living,

Something stirred within me,



A crushing blow of reality?

I need to focus,

It demands attention, that feeling.

The room is quiet as I turn off the television,

And stare,

I ran my eyes over her delicate frame,

And found myself assessing the woman that lay before me,

Her once slender body was now rounded in places that would

Make a model frown,

But she didn’t care,

And neither did I,

For that body was what carried me for nine months,

Her hair was matted against her cheek,

Loose tendril covering her pretty face,

And I wondered for a moment if she ever pulled my hair back the way I just  pulled hers,

Of course she did,

I stared at her closed eyes and silently wept,

Inside I dread the day when those eyes would never see again,

When no speech can be uttered,

When that nostril wouldn’t be enough to help her breathe,

When she wouldn’t remember her name,

When she wouldn’t remember me,

I wiped that lone tear on my cheek,

And touched hers,

Willing my mind to engrave her face on my heart,

I wanted my fingers to remember the feel of her skin,

For each second that passed was a second shorter from her life and mine,

How much time do we have left?





I took her hands in mine as she slept,

What once was soft was now rough,

I traced the patterns with my fingers,

Touched every scar, Kissed every bruise,

I squeezed the hands that once comforted me,

And pressed it against my lips,

And at twenty two I desired to curl into her lap

And wrap my arms around her,

To rest my head on her chest,

And listen to her words of wisdom,

To press quick short kisses on her cheeks,

And remind her how much I love her,

Despite our ups and downs,

That wonderful lady will always be my mother,

And I don’t ever want to lose her,

But one day one of us will go,

And I accept that,

But I refuse to leave without letting her know,

That she’s beautiful,

And wonderful,

And special,

And that I’m so proud of her,

And I Love her,

With tears rolling down my cheeks,

I wake her,

And as I wrap my arms around her she smiles,

I listen to the steady beating of her heart and whisper,

I love you Mom, Always have and Always will,

I’m sorry for hurting you but know that I love you.

With tears rolling down the cheeks of the both of us I sighed,

In contentment.

Thinking once again.

I love you mom if you don’t remember anything else,

Remember that I love you.

Is the Selecao Back?


Thursday’s “friendly” was more than just a friendly. It was exciting, thrilling, and energetic. It was the stand on your toes, heart soaring kind of game. Brazil played with such agility & unity that brought many to tears. France was nothing short of entertaining as well despite losing to the Selecao 3-1; their every attempt for an equalizer had throngs of football lovers on edge. The tackles, the dribbles, the fouls, the falls, breaking of defenses and missed goal opportunities all made for an exceptional game.

It seems as if the Selecao is bent on making its many fans forget their thrashing against Germany at the world cup 2015 and proving that they can once again be a forced to be reckoned with.

Maybe it was payback for the 1998 defeat against last night’s host, the determination to once again rise or the magic touch of a new yet old coach “Dunga” that seem to make this team promising, either way, whatever is being done should be continued.

The Selecao is back & better than ever, the attacking was superb and the defense even better.

It was great to see players other than Brazil’s poster boy “Neymar” making their presence felt. It gives the assumption that somewhere along the line Brazil had somehow strengthen its team and will thrive under unforeseen circumstances if one should occur.

Nevertheless one-third of Fc Barcleona’s three headed monster has now scored against five different World Champions & is now 5th on the list of Brazil’s leading goal scorers.

Yesterday’s game solidifies the claim that great things are expected from this new generation of players & coach.

The Selecao has so far maintained their squeaky clean record as the match against France has been Brazil’s 7th & 7th Victory with the conceding of only two goals.

Whether it’s just the mere fact of winning or revenge, Brazil is once again writing its name on the hearts of football fans everywhere.



Success is laced with blood and sweat,

A point when reached begs no regrets,

Sleepless nights & endless days,

decorates our cards with Excellent Grades,

Numbness to the coffee that constantly floods our veins,

We tackle the problems without delays,

It doesn’t matter who bestows the praise,

Our focus will never faze,

To achieve is our mission,

To be the best is our goal,

We don’t settle for less,

We crave more,

forever trudging forward,

upward we go.

It’s been long – I’m sorry


It’s been so long since I’ve written on a virtual blank paper as this.

And to my followers do accept my humblest, deepest & sincerest apology.

I’ve been busy – working, school, writing – the whole works but there’s not a day that went by that I did not

think of you guys. The urge to write something, informative & encouraging to you nearly sent me crazy – it was that strong.

Believe it or not I couldn’t keep away, so I went out of my way to learn time management.

Yes! Yes! you heard right.

Time Management.

I’m not there yet but I’ll get there.

I’m writing here and there’s this stupid grin on my face.

Ever watched batman? Seen the joker?

Well that’s me now.

I think holly wood should hire me.

Don’t you?

I don’t know writing to you guys make me happy!!!

Extremely so – In a moment I’ll break out and do my happy dance.

I’m rambling and I guess I should quit now. right?


I just want to let you guys know that I’m


🙂 It’s good to be here again where my audience is like Family 🙂

Stay safe everyone….

Till death do us part

I’ve waited so long,

Now the time has come,

To say I do,

To the man I love,

As we stand here today,

To say our vows,

I hope my dear you’re not filled with doubts,

When we say I do this will be it,

I don’t expect you to break your promises,

In sickness and health,

Till death do us part,

My love you will always have my heart.

Tell Me

download (10)

Tell me something,


Because I don’t want to feel tonight,

Tell me that the clouds are purple,

And that the sky is peach,

Tell me something,

it doesn’t have to make sense,

I just need to direct my focus elsewhere,

From the pain,

So tell me something,

Tell me,


I don’t want to remember.

To Mr. Stephen Hawking

Dear Mr. Hawking,

Stephen Hawking that is.

You’re probably wondering why on earth this twenty two year old girl is writing you.

I must say sir, that I love the way you think. Your theories exude a level of genius that compels me to think beyond what everyone thinks is the standard or limit of normal or average thinking.

I like that!

I admire the application made to your beliefs. It displays a level of tenacity and determination that is rarely visible in this world today.

It is because of you; those qualities have been implemented in my life.

Thank you, ever so kindly sir, for the contribution that you have made in our society.

It is forever appreciated.

Science has always been my greatest love. The thrill in discovering the way things are created, the way they work etc. is fascinating.

A wise man once said“– you. “Look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see, and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious.

I echo these sentiments.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t possess the Albert Einstein or yours for that matter intelligence that you may think I have, in fact I have yet to tackle the intelligence quotient to see where I rank and if I do, in all honesty, it probably won’t be much to talk about.

But I Mr. Hawking have my own theories and questions.

My theory for everything is “God”. I believe that every human being is instilled, upon conception the desire to worship something – that’s why it’s created by them gods, god of the sun, moon etc. For some people their money is their god or their job – some even esteem themselves as their own god.

I however believe in the one true God- the creator of Heaven & Earth.

And that’ll bring me to the question every atheist may ask.

Who or what is God & does he really exist?

You will disagree with me but that’s ok because everyone is entitled to their own opinions. I must say though that God loves you.

And to answer your question point blank – Yes GOD EXISTS.

It’s evident in everything around us; the air that we breathe, the trees, plants, dirt, you Mr. Hawking & me. We’re made in his own image and likeness each and every one of us.

And that’s how I see him; through his handiwork he’s evident.

I know it’s been said by either Mr. Pascal or Voltaire that the existence of God can’t be proven by nature. I beg to differ.

Because I feel him as well; I know he exists because his presence is all around us especially to those who have given him their heart.

I once read a story that goes like this:

A man went to a barbershop to have his hair cut and his beard trimmed. As the barber began to work, they began to have a good conversation and talked about so many things and various subjects. When they eventually touched on the subject of God, the barber said: “I don’t believe that God exists.” “Why do you say that?” asked the customer. “Well, you just have to go out in the street to realize that God doesn’t exist. Tell me, if God exists, would there be so many sick people? Would there be abandoned children? If God existed, there would be neither suffering nor pain. I can’t imagine a loving God who would allow all of these things.” The customer thought for a moment, but didn’t respond because he didn’t want to start an argument. The barber finished his job and the customer left the shop. Just after he left the barbershop, he saw a man in the street with long, stringy, dirty hair and an untrimmed beard. He looked dirty and unkempt. The customer turned back and entered the barber shop again and he said to the barber: “You know what? Barbers do not exist.” “How can you say that?” asked the surprised barber. “I am here, and I am a barber. And I just worked on you!” “No!” the customer exclaimed. “Barbers don’t exist because if they did, there would be no people with dirty long hair and untrimmed beards, like that man outside. “Ah, but barbers DO exist! That’s what happens when people do not come to me.” “Exactly!” affirmed the customer. “That’s the point! God, too, DOES exist! Because people do not look to God for help is why there’s so much pain and suffering in the world.

End of story.

I don’t believe in the ideology of My GOD being gambled but I like to a certain extent the way Blaise Pascal states it

“Belief is a wise wager. Granted that faith cannot be proved, what harm will come to you if you gamble on it’s truth and it proves false? If you gain, you gain all; if you lose, you lose nothing. Wager, the, without hesitation, that He exists.

“If God does not exist, one will lose nothing by believing in him, while if he does exist, one loses everything by not believing.

Isn’t it better to believe in God  and when dead discover that he isn’t true rather than to believe in nothing and realize that he exists?

(I WHOLE HEARTEDLY BELIEVE THAT HE DOES EXIST – the aforementioned is just something to think about).

The existence of God nestles in a spiritual realm not scientifically.

He can be seen.

He can be felt.

And there’s something called faith.

You don’t solve a mathematical question any other than mathematically likewise you don’t solve matters of spirituality other than spiritually.

I disagree also in the belief that man came from monkey a theory that has been birth by Mr. Charles Darwin  (that we’re an evolved species stemmed from creatures) that to me is difficult to digest especially as I’ve known that I’ve been created by God and as aforementioned –created in his own image and likeness. Mr. Darwin’s theory stemmed from realizing man kind’s pain and suffering a matter addressed in the story.

I am sir, in no way, a descendant from a primate (monkey). To think that there was this sudden explosion and everything came into existence is quite unimaginable.

Why is it only monkeys that have evolved?

Why not a cat or a fowl or a pig?

Why is it that only some of them have evolved and that all?

Why aren’t we constantly evolving now?

Why don’t humans carry the traits or genes of these species? (It is said that we share approximately 90% DNA why not genes)

The big bang suddenly gave us different ethnicity. (I take it there are Black, Caucasian, Chinese & Indian monkeys as well that contributed to that?)

The big bang theory gave us eloquent speech and various languages?

It made suddenly simple minded monkeys into intelligent human beings?

From what has the ocean & tress & universe evolved?

A black hole?


How can nothing create something?

I find it inconceivable to actually believe, that according to Wikipedia at some moment all of space was contained in a single point from which the Universe has expanded and After the expansion, the Universe cooled to allow the formation osubatomic particles, and later simple atoms; having Giant clouds of these primordial elements to later coalesce through gravity to form stars and galaxies.

Biologists must constantly keep in mind that what they see was not designed, but rather evolved,” said Francis Crick.

Well sir as you can see I don’t believe in evolution I believe in the design.

I do agree though that the earth is indeed not sitting on the back of a giant turtle- that is preposterous yet still I respect the opinion of anyone who believes it, it’s just not my belief.

There’s so much I’d like to ask you but as time wouldn’t permit me, I’ll settle with this.

Mr. Hawking you will go down in history as one of many a great men.

But if you die without Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior everything you believe in, everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve will be in vain because you would have died and gone to a Christ-less eternity, Hell.

Again you have nothing to lose by believing in him but everything to gain.

All you need to do sir is believe. Admit that you’re a sinner as am I and ask him for his forgiveness and ask him to save you. One is never forgone for God to save. I know, because I’ve been in your shoes once. I’ve been an atheist but then I met Jesus and my life was never the same.

Despite everything you’ve been through in life, the sickness and the pain, the heartaches and failures God was and still is there.

Believe it or not sir he has your life in the palm of his hands.

The palm, in which, he holds the world.

We want science sir, God created science as he created you & me.

And it’s because we cannot scientifically prove or understand the concept of God we devise a way to prove his non- existence, a figment of one’s imagination. We can’t argue an unknown subject – because if it’s unknown relatively speaking it doesn’t exist. So it’s because it is known that God exist we argue his existence.

Do remember sir that we cannot see our imagination, neither can it be touched or smell, the same goes for pain of any form but we can see the outcome of our imagination and the source of our pain like this God exist we don’t see him physically but his entity is spiritual and the outcome of his power can be seen or touched.

Look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see, and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious.

Echoing Archimedes – Eureka!

The theory of everything is GOD.

Thank you for taking the time out to read this.

Respectfully & Love Always,

Amanda Japal.

Agreeing to Disagree


Recently I’d stumbled on, to an extent, really nice blog post.

But the extent to how good it is, stopped abruptly by the suggestions made by the writer

to the readers.

She was Rash, Harsh and inconsiderate, in other words she was downright mean.

I get it.

I really do get what she’s trying to say.

Her points on the subject she was discussing, was reasonable,

But so was the points made by opposing readers.

In fact the attitude most of those readers responded with was excellent.

So calm and collective that even in a haste of words, I couldn’t detect a trace of sarcasm from these bloggers, who I’ve noticed exceeded the age of fifty.

You would think that an under twenty five year old or anyone as a matter of fact (because respect has no age limit) would be a tad bit respectful.

Butttt Nooo!!!

The way she demanded her readers to SHUT UP about the issue

Or to suck it up because she doesn’t care or “your opinions don’t matter”

Or best of all – “if you don’t agree with me do not comment or view my page,

You’re dismissed because you’re not welcomed here,

I am rude, loud & bitchy. I am not going to change because you’ve got facts”

was uncalled for.

No one likes to be bashed right?

especially on our own site.

C’mon I know the feeling.

Maybe I shouldn’t even be writing about this

Because it might make me out to be the bad guy,

The immature one or the silly one,

But I can’t not write, even a tiny bit of how I feel.

(the above situation is used for an example)

That little encounter got me thinking about a lot of things, specifically:

# Respect, opinions, relationships etc

I don’t know how you look at it, call me old fashion

but respecting someone and their opinions is important.

Likewise the way you speak to persons goes a loooooong way as well.

Have you ever heard the phrase,

“Learn to Agree to Disagree”?

It may sound strange or silly rather

But it’s important because it’s in fact

A vital action in every relationship,

A relationship with your parent’s,




Co workers


And fellow Bloggers to name a few. Lolz.

We sometimes forget that there are no two persons the same (Me Included), we’re all different,

From the way we look to our preferences, likes and dislikes and well OPINIONS.

So if you think the sky should be pink and someone else thinks that it should be green and yellow, that’s ok. It’s fine, really, it is, there’s nothing you can do about it except RESPECT their opinion.

I mean think about it, we all like it when others respect and think that our opinion is important, why can’t we do the same to others?

I mean, it’s only fair right?

To treat people the way we want to be treated.

(The golden Rule)

Nevertheless it’s OK to put RUDE and OBNOXIOUS people in their PLACE.


I don’t know about you but the world won’t be fun with another being like me.

And it’s a whole lot easier to handle those differences when we

Learn to Agree to Disagree…